How to Maintain Tight Abs

How to Maintain Tight Abs Through Winter? Summer? Spring? Any season, I got you covered.

Even if you're staying warm in cozy sweaters and bikinis are pushed to the back of the closet, you shouldn't skimp on core-strengthening exercises. A 6-pack and strong core look not only sexy and impeccable on the beach or in your next selfie, but it also helps prevent back injuries, gets you better posture, and avoids other injuries during workouts. While diet and weight lifting are essential for strong abs, it is not just one thing or the other; they work harmoniously with nutrition taking about 80% of work to get you abs. Here are some of the experts' advice and my personal tips on how to maintain that 6-pack or achieve that 6-pack by summer!

Focus on Good Nutrition.

It’s a myth that you can spot-train and reduce fat in certain areas like the stomach by targeting them with exercise. To make your core muscles more visible, you have to focus on your overall body composition, a.k.a. the ratio of body fat or lean muscle mass. That means good nutrition is key, particularly as the weather transitions from winter to spring to summer and more people are enjoying picnics, outdoor activities, and more. Reducing body fat is about 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise. How you do this can vary, but without a plan, no amount of exercise will make your abs pop. It doesn’t matter how many sit-ups you do if you're eating wrong. It is important to keep your focus balanced, and more importantly, be sure to keep your relationship to diet and exercise healthy.

Keep a Healthy Mindset with Diet and Exercise.

From personal experience, monitoring your diet and exercise obsessively is a slippery slope and can cause detrimental effects on ones physical and mental health. Learning to heal your relationship with your body, food, and exercise is something I continue to strive for, and everyone should too.

10 Guidelines for a Healthy Relationship to Food and Exercise:

  1. Don't view food as good and bad. Welcome, all foods in your diet.

  2. Find your own healthy balance. Everyone is different!