How to Instantly Feel Better

Hacks on How to Instantly Feel Better

Since we are all human, we experience a range of emotions daily, whether we like it or not. Sometimes we experience unpleasant emotions like sadness, boredom, loneliness, or we just feel in a funk. It is crucial to have small habits or activities to fall back on to instantly boost your mood and mindset. So I have included some mini hacks and ways to beat that negative thought and get back into attracting positive energy from the universe!

Mini Tips (5-10 minutes or less)

1. Stretch your body. Release that negative pent-up energy and stretch it out and up!

2. Open your window. Close your eyes and breathe in the fresh air.

3. Do a 3-5 minute meditation. Great videos can be found on youtube to instantly boost your mood and become in touch with your body. One video I enjoy is linked here.

4. Mind Dump. Pen and paper, write down everything you're feeling and what's on your mind.

5. Gratitude. Think of 5 things you're grateful for; speak them aloud or write them down.

6. Drink water. You probably haven't drunk enough today.

7. Listen to Music. Put on your favourite song or a Positive Vibes playlist on Spotify and jam out (the 80s or 90s music is a fantastic mood-boosting choice).

8. Compliment someone. Think about how your mood changes when someone compliments you or smiles at you.

9. Compliment yourself. Self-love, baby, you can forget how amazing you are and how uniquely beautiful you are.

10. Smile. This may sound cheesy, but it instantly makes you feel better.